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"I found The WorkPlace Group to be an invaluable resource.  The services offered were far greater than I could have ever fathomed, and not to mention, they were provided by friendly members of the community - people who really care about you and the success of your endeavors.  I've acquired an excellent combination of assistance, inspiration, and skill through collaborating with The WorkPlace Group and their consultants, and I'm grateful for the gains I've made while under their tutelage."

"I am impressed with the resources that are freely available to assist all individuals looking for further development. Today's session was very useful and I feel fortunate to have the chance to join the KITE workshop next week. Now I am confident that my Resume will receive the much needed professional update because of the expertise provided at the WorkPlace.  Everyone there has been so welcoming, pleasant and very helpful. Again many thanks and kudos to the WorkPlace team."

"I just wanted to let you know that I got a full time job. It's mon-fri. 9-5. I interviewed for it at 930 today and got called at 1030 to say I got it and that I start Monday! I'm so happy. Thank you for your help and the interview workshop I did there truly helped me."

"I enjoyed the Interview Workshop yesterday.  The presenter was a great and the course was full of great information. Also, thank you for the recommendations for changes I could make to my resume."

"I have experienced your classes and have had help re-working my resume as well as a personal interview critique at the Workplace and gained much knowledge. Thank you to your staff for all of their support during one of the most challenging times in a person's life, the job search in a new city.

"I went to The WorkPlace this summer to find out if I could qualify for second career. I met Stacey and right away in our first meeting she started the process for applying for second career. She made this process extremely easy for me and successful. Without her knowledge and support I would have never even considered applying for this amazing program and going back to be a SSW. I want to mention that Stacey has great social skills and she made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process. I could contact her with any questions I had and she responded immediately. Since I came in right before the school term was about to start her quick action made it possible for me to receive the funding I needed on time for school. Big thanks to the workplace and Stacey for all their wonderful support!"


If you would like to include your story, please email Michelle Lanteigne at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.