Customer Service Charter

Your Rights ….

Our Purpose ….

The WorkPlace Group of Employment initiatives fulfills the Mission of the Special Needs Employment Service Inc. by assisting individuals to find, create and maintain meaningful employment, thereby supporting personal development and motivating participants to reach their potential as contributing members of society.

Our Service ….

A comprehensive range of employment programs and services promotes self-awareness and self-reliance, adaptability and individual empowerment through the acquisition of employable and self-employment skills.

Our Commitment ….

THE SPECIAL NEEDS EMPLOYMENT SERVICE INC. is committed to you and our community. We believe in quality customer service. You can expect….

A confidential, timely, reliable, individualized, accessible service. You will work with knowledgeable professionals who are courteous and approachable.

Your Feedback ….

We like to receive your comments and concerns about our services. We encourage you to let us know by completing a client survey or talking to our staff.

Your Rights ….

We guarantee to you the following rights:

Your Rights ….

1)  Courteous Service – Staff treat all customers equitably in a warm and welcoming manner

2)  Knowledgeable Professionals – Staff are well trained and current with respect to issues facing our clients

3)  Confidentiality – Participants and employers are guaranteed the right to confidential services

4)  Accessibility – Both our facility and our staff are accessible to our customers physically

5)  Use of Service Animals – If a person with a disability is accompanied by a guide dog or other service animal, we will:

6)  Use of Support Persons – If a person with a disability is accompanied by a support person, The WorkPlace Group will:

7)  Notice of Temporary Disruptions – If there is a temporary disruption of service that affects the access to goods and services at The WorkPlace Group, we will:

8)  Training for Staff – Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act – Customer Service training is provided to all new hire employees as soon as they begin practicing their assigned duties. Ongoing training is also provided to all existing employees with respect to any changes to the policies, practices, and procedures governing the provision of services to persons with disabilities. The training must include:

9)  Delivery of Timely Services – Service delivery standards are provided in writing and are upheld by our staff

10)  Reliable Services – Both physical and program standards are of the highest quality

11)  Anti-harassment Policy – Harassment at The WorkPlace Group is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All clients, visitors, and employees of The WorkPlace Group are entitled to a healthy, comfortable atmosphere. If a person believes they have been treated in an improper and offensive manner, the Resource Manager, Executive Director, or assigned delegate should be contacted. Appropriate action will be taken to resolve the matters.

The WorkPlace Group has a responsibility to:

Management has a responsibility to:

Employees have a responsibility to:


  1. A client who feels they are being harassed should make his/her disapproval known to the harasser and request all offensive behaviors to stop.
  2. The complainant should maintain a personal written record of the alleged nature of the harassment/discrimination, dates, times, behaviour and list of witnesses.
  3. If the harassment/discrimination has not ceased, the complainant is encouraged to make a written complaint to the Resource Manager, Executive Director or assigned delegate.
  4. All complaints and investigation will be handled appropriately under the circumstances. The WorkPlace Group will make every effort to safeguard the confidentiality of all records relating to complaints, including contents of meetings, interviews, results of investigation and other relevant materials.
  5. The complainant will receive a response to the report of the event within 15 working days of the report. The assigned delegate will review all the relevant information and decide on the course of action.

12) Complaints Procedure – Customer concerns are taken seriously

If you require any further elaboration on any area in our Customer Service Charter please feel free to discuss it with any member of our staff or with the Resource Manager of The WorkPlace Group.