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We encourage clients to take full advantage of our workshops to help you increase your knowledge, update your skills and maximize your potential within the job market. Our current workshops include:
Interview Skills
This one-day workshop provides participants with the crucial skills needed to conduct a “HIRE ME” interview. Topics that will be discussed include: making a good first impression, current hiring practices, developing a 30 second summary of skills and qualifications, and interview follow up tips. Participants will be invited to engage in a mock interview to assist with the development of effective two-way conversation. Typical interview questions and winning questions to ask employers will also be covered.
Networking Group 
A willingness to network and build connections will be the single most useful tool in your job search. Networking is considered to be the most effective way to find a job, but every person will need to build his or her own network differently.

In our workshops, you'll learn about the basics of networking and how it can be helpful to your job search.  We'll also talk about different networking strategiesthat will help you gain meaningful connections as you develop your network, such as how to ask purposeful questions and craft your elevator pitch.

Second Career Info Sessions
Second Career provides financial support to help laid off Ontarians participate in training for a new career. Consultants at The WorkPlace Group will help you take the first step.
Attend this info session to learn the basics of Second Career.
 WHMIS and OH&S Workshop
This is a Free workshop to obtain your WHMIS For Everyone: The Essentials Program certification and your Occupational Health & Safety Orientation For New Employees.
It is a self-paced tutorial developed by the Education Safety Association of Ontario (ESAO). This program is designed for low risk occupations and will deliver an overview of health and safety legislation in Canada to give workers a better understanding of their basic rights and responsibilities, along with those of their employers and supervisors. All that is necessary is basic computer and reading skills, and 2-3 hours of the individual's time.