Take advantage of our free services to help recruit and pre-screen qualified candidates for your business, not-for-profit or public-sector organization.

Employer Services

We offer a wide range of services, at no charge, to help reduce the cost employers spend recruiting, training, and maintaining employees.

We develop and execute the recruitment process on behalf of local employers by:

  • Creating job descriptions and job postings
  • Advertising the job posting and actively recruit candidates
  • Reviewing resumes and performing pre-screening phone calls and interviews
  • Presenting pre-screened candidates
  • Assisting with scheduling interviews
  • Training and hiring incentives are available

We promote inclusivity in the workplace. Our client base is diverse, and we pride ourselves on connecting clients with members of our business community who value a diversified workforce.

Our Job Board assists employers in their recruiting needs. You can quickly and easily post jobs, access qualified candidates, and search through a database of active jobseekers.

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Employment and Training Incentives

Employers may receive financial incentives to provide on-the-job training placements, including apprenticeships: work experience opportunities; and skill level assessments for participants in trial placements. The total amount of incentive varies based on the complexity of job skill level and the length of training required per individual.

These incentives are in place to help offset some of the employers’ costs of a new hire, such as temporary reductions in productivity, increased supervision requirements, and out-of-pocket training expenses.

Registration to participate is quick and easy! Simply register with us as an employer, work with a Consultant to develop a training plan, and then provide training to your new hire as planned.

Ready to register or learn more? Give us a call at 519-337-7377 to get started!

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